"Cog, LLC recognizes that a key component of success is innovation, and that by bringing innovators, practical application, and effectiveness together our business is enhanced. Working together isn't limited to our workforce; it continues in our relationships with our suppliers. We value and respect the benefit of a diverse background that brings different viewpoints to the table to meet the business challenge. This is why it is important to us to have our business relationships reflect the diverse communities in which we serve. We pledge to you a continuing commitment to supplier diversity.

Doing business with minority-owned and women-owned businesses strengthens our business – it’s a win-win decision for Cog. We are able to support a significant percentage of suppliers and demonstrate to our customers the importance that we place on diversity. I look forward to the continued growth and success
of our program."

- Christopher Che, President/CEO



Supplier Diversity is a part of Cog's commitment to using innovative approaches designed to continually improve business. Supportive relationships with multicultural enterprises create business opportunities that are reflective of the diverse communities in which we serve. Our Supplier Diversity Program will:

  • Ensure equal access
  • Stimulate innovation
  • Foster economic inclusion
  • Invest in our communities
  • Increase our multicultural vendor base



For Cog to remain a market leader, we must set and maintain high standards for ourselves and our suppliers. Our customers deserve and demand the best products at the lowest competitive prices, and it is our goal to meet their needs. We measure each company, large or small, mainstream, multicultural, or woman-owned against the same set of high standards.

Cog only does business with companies whose products and services:

  • Are competitively priced
  • Reflect a high level of quality
  • Provide on-time deliveries
  • Add value to our business
  • Meet inventory shipping requirements

To do business with Cog:

  1. Complete the Supplier Diversity Registration*
  2. Mail an introductory package about your company to: Cog, LLC, Attn: Supplier - Diversity Director, 3251 Riverside Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45226
  3. Your package should include:
    a. A description of your company and its product and/or services
    b. A company brochure and business card
    c. A copy of your minority or woman supplier certification
  4. If you are not certified, please contact:
    - The NMSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council) at http://www.nmsdc.org
    - Your state Minority Supplier Development Council.
    - The WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) at http://www.wbenc.org

* Completion of the Supplier Diversity Profile shall not constitute Cog’s agreement to purchase products
or services. Cog shall have no obligation to purchase any products or services until Cog issues a written purchase order to the supplier.


Case Studies

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Dramatic simplification and improved collaboration in the supply chain unleashes innovation.


Case Study #2

Optimizing the supply chain and establishing a clear workflow process brings upstream initiatives to fruition efficiently, confidentially, and cost-effectively.