Underlying Magic

As our name implies, Cog augments.

We augment the efforts of the "gear wheels" — our customers and their internal and external stakeholders — by applying our expertise and services to facilitate their best efforts and execute their consumer packaging and in-store promotion & display efforts with excellence.

We mesh our graphics production expertise and services during the development and production phases in order to foster Co-Creation, which we define as: The active, collaborative, and transparent efforts between functions and organizations to achieve a goal.

We are passionate about Co-Creation. It's the driving force behind innovative, simplified, speedy, customized, and cost-effective Execution. And, it’s the underlying magic in all of our graphics production solutions.


Case Studies

Case Study #1

Dramatic simplification and improved collaboration in the supply chain unleashes innovation.


Case Study #2

Optimizing the supply chain and establishing a clear workflow process brings upstream initiatives to fruition efficiently, confidentially, and cost-effectively.