Geared for You.

We challenged the role of graphics production in the packaging and merchanizing machine. Then, the gears started to turn.

A single-source graphics production provider.
Configured just for you.

Flawless execution of brand, marketing, packaging, and in-store promotion & display initiatives has never been more vital to your organization’s success. Achieving cost containment and optimal speed-to-market are key needs. In addition, you face challenges that could erode the success of your initiatives — challenges that require business partners who can identify root causes, offer innovative process-based solutions, and provide the exact resources required to overcome your challenges for the long term while delivering Execution with excellence.

Cog is a such a partner.  We are a provider of graphics production solutions for consumer packaging and in-store promotion & displays. Cog specializes in identifying, managing, and implementing process-driven graphics production capabilities that impact the effectiveness and return on investment of our customers' consumer packaging and in-store promotion & display efforts.

We believe that Execution is a strategic discipline essential to your marketing, communications, and creative/design efforts. From this perspective we impact the effectiveness of your consumer packaging and in-store promotion & display efforts from the onset of front end innovation and creative/design development through final production.








Case Studies

Case Study #1

Dramatic simplification and improved collaboration in the supply chain unleashes innovation.


Case Study #2

Optimizing the supply chain and establishing a clear workflow process brings upstream initiatives to fruition efficiently, confidentially, and cost-effectively.