At Cog, we do not have a pre-packaged program to force-fit onto our clients. Our proposed solutions aren’t skewed by operational overhead or driven by the pressure to increase capacity on a costly piece of equipment. Instead, while our perspective, process expertise, and graphics capabilities are vast, our approach is simple, focused, and liberating.

We apply our deep understanding of the mechanics of production from myriad perspectives – brand strategy, agency creative and design, workflow development, artwork preparation, printing, and fulfillment – to identify any process inefficiencies, functional redundancies, and capability gaps in our customers’ existing graphics production “machine”. Because every customer is unique, Cog approaches each opportunity with equal sensitivity and commitment. The solutions we propose arise out of a thorough understanding of our customer’s corporate and organizational structure, existing processes, and roles and responsibilities of all internal and external stakeholders.

Our unique approach and experience allow us to function at the hub of the production process, working simultaneously with brand and sales management, product supply, design management, creative and design agencies, sales and customer account managers, and retailers to drive graphics production solutions that unleash innovation, improve quality, and deliver dramatic cost and time savings.


Case Studies

Case Study #1

Dramatic simplification and improved collaboration in the supply chain unleashes innovation.


Case Study #2

Optimizing the supply chain and establishing a clear workflow process brings upstream initiatives to fruition efficiently, confidentially, and cost-effectively.