On his favorite packaging design
Call me crazy, but the original Microsoft Zune packaging was pretty great. I think it’s better than the five generations of packaging Apple has released since. Much less wasted space and better quality presentation. It moved the bar higher for premium tech packaging. 

On becoming a packaging development god
I majored in Computer Science, not because I wanted to be a computer scientist, but because I had to choose something. Life—and my parents—expected it. I went on to diligently ignore everything about computer science, while I taught myself Photoshop and realized I had a love for art and creation. 

On innovative packaging
I obsess over touch, so it’s a fun surprise whenever I pick up a package and realize what I’m feeling compliments what I’m seeing. The paper sample with the suede finish sitting in front of me right now is pretty irresistible. 

On recharging
I love building with Lego. I still have the nine billion bins of Lego I had as a child, and I'm always adding to the collection. I also enjoy video games, long walks, craft beer, and cinnamon rolls.

Brian Fields
Development Designer & Onsite Manager