On Juju dancing
My grandmother taught me to play the xylophone as well as traditional African instruments. I’m also a really good Juju (i.e., masked) dancer. Seriously, I’ve got moves! Nobody believes me, especially the younger ones, but when I take off my performance mask they see for themselves. 

On favorite packaging design
I grew up in Cameroon but didn’t really have a sense of packaging design. My awareness was more on brands, like Guinness, Coca-Cola, and Omo. Today, however, I think of Tiffany’s branding and how important their color and elegant packaging differentiate them in their industry. I once saw a young man slowly hand his lady friend a Tiffany box in a café. The first thought I had was that she must mean a lot to him. So, I consider Tiffany a rite-of-passage brand and their packaging worthy of these moments. 

On becoming not-your-typical accountant
My experience with Cog was preceded by a career in accounting. In Cameroon, my father owned a construction company that worked with American and European companies. His wisdom, along with my oldest brother who urged me to choose a specialty, guided me away from politics and into accounting, a career that has paid off with many opportunities. I can see how it also gave me insights into other businesses, like design. 

On special touches
My mind goes immediately to luxury finishes, surfaces, and details. Like those in beautiful automobiles. The touch and craftsmanship of a Porsche and Range Rover, especially, translate to what I’m seeing more of in CPG packaging. 

On recharging
I don’t do big things. Spending time with my wife, Rose, hosting family at our home, and sharing stories are the sources of my energy and inspiration.

Christopher Che
President and CEO