GAMUT: Idealliance Printing & Packaging Podcast Features Cog, LLC.

Uh oh! Someone gave the microphone to Cog’s CEO David Lukshus. If you know David, you know he doesn’t need much coaxing to hold forth about the industry. Jeffrey Collins, Director of Print Technologies at Idealliance, interviews Lukshus in his Gamut podcast. David speaks of his formative years among Mad Men era hotshots, like Jerry Della Femina, Lou Dorfsman, and Mary Wells, his years at P&G and how they contributed to his vision of Cog’s brand of faster, smarter packaging development. We hear David babble on every day and still enjoyed listening to him here. *Sniff* We’re so proud.

Moderator: Jeffrey Collins, Director of Print Technologies, Idealliance. 
Guest: David Lukshus, President & CEO, Cog.

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