On Euro-style power metal
If you visit early in the morning and the building is shaking, it’s just me greeting the day with a little Rob Rock and Theocracy. 

On his favorite packaging design
Sriracha hot sauce, not because it’s a stunningly brilliant design, it simply does its job and, as its Asian immigrant creator always believed, its quality and genuineness of the product will sell it without any marketing. 

On becoming an awesome structural packaging warrior
After a shoulder injury ended any hope of future work in a distribution warehouse, my love for detailed pencil drawings took me back to school, where I discovered my ability to "see" dimensionally and found my calling in the design world by creating innovative, structural packaging solutions. 

On recharging
Our family follows a simple mantra of “Love people, use things,” instead of the other way around. I avoid WasteBook, TwitWorld, and other social media and as my friends can attest, while I rarely use a cell phone, they are always welcome to drop by for a strong cuppa. A relaxed evening with a good book or classic movie, or favorite music  helps me rest, think and create. I’m happily married to my Kentucky girl since 1994, and we are kept busy raising two spirited kids who are very much Scots-Irish/Ulster-Scots at heart. I’m eternally thankful they’ve embraced real football teams, like Manchester United and Northern Ireland. GGMU/GAWA!

David Brown
Development Designer,
Structural Specialist