On the essence of life
When I was a sad, teething child, my parents would give me a baguette to chew on rather than a toy to keep me from crying. To this day, bread is life. 

On her favorite packaging design
Every design category has worthy contenders, but I’m fascinated by the craft beer industry, in particular. I can find every style, medium, and color looking through the craft beer section of a design compilation. That creates a wonderfully diverse library of inspiration for me. Specifically, Brixton Brewery is one of my favorites. What a wonderful balance of colorful chaos and graphic simplicity! 

On being the go-to art girl
It’s actually no surprise I became an artist. In grade school, I would spend all day on programs like Kid Pix and Paint. Then, in high school, I was the go-to-girl for making PowerPoint slides at school, not only because they looked great, but because I enjoyed making them. When I attended SCAD for photography, I found myself spending hours in post. Photoshop was my form of relaxing and escaping for a while. I naturally explored the other Adobe programs, wanting to learn everything I could to create art on the computer. Soon, I changed my major to Art Direction in Advertising followed by a career in design. All the pieces fell into place perfectly from the beginning. 

On what she’s into lately
I’d say Kraft substrate, because I love using raw material in order to create something beautiful. 

On recharging
Hiking, traveling and just about any activity outdoors makes me happy.

Hanna Morand
Development Designer