On being fair
When I was five, my grandpa took me with him to the Chevy dealership to buy a new station wagon for his work. He told me I could pick out the color. Now Grandpa was a strict Cadillac man (even his nickname was Cadi-lackey), and he probably thought Chevy station wagons came in the same stately colors, like white, brown, or blue. Well, little Mark discovered Chevy station wagons came in pumpkin orange. Grandpa kept his word. 

On his favorite packaging design
I have always been fascinated with bourbon bottles. There are so many unique designs. I can’t think of many categories of packaging that make me want to put the packaging on display as much as I do a bottle of bourbon. 

On becoming an unstoppable solutions machine
Although I’m not a designer, I’ve always been drawn to creativity and design. I started my career in photography, but it was during my ad agency days I found my greatest reward came when supporting our creative teams. I remember moments when a challenge was considered so unachievable the teams didn’t want to present the option to their clients. I’d spend all night if necessary to develop a solution that could bring their idea to life and get them excited to present again. 

On his favorite substrate
Can anyone resist bubble wrap? 

On recharging
My favorite time is with my kids, going to their events, hiking, fishing, camping, playing board games… I’m smiling now just saying it. 

On grilled cheese sandwiches
They’re better with grape jelly on them.

Mark Lackey
Partner - Chief Operations Officer