How We're Geared For You

Cog isn’t a typical vendor. We are more of a partner who will work alongside you to achieve the superior, consumer packaging outcomes you want. Here’s how we break it down.

1. Our Philosophy

We are an agile, complementary component within your packaging development engine. Just as cogs help transfer momentum from one gear wheel to another Cog, LLC helps key stakeholders maximize performance.

2. Our Focus on the Entire Design-to-Print Supply Chain

Most companies in our industry are either focused on a particular stakeholder or on performing a certain role within a single phase of the overall process. Cog sees things a bit differently. We’re sensitive to the pain points throughout the design-to-print supply chain, so we can provide tailored solutions and share our unique expertise with multiple, key customer stakeholders for increased collaboration and efficiency.

3. Our Organizational Structure

We believe a customer-centric setting inspires innovation and collaboration. Think of our Tao of the Couch. Rather than a single, large facility, we build cozy, micro sites, so offsite or onsite, we’re physically and philosophically where we need to be to meet your needs. 

And why confuse things with middlemen? We prefer our designers have the chance to work shoulder to shoulder with your people. No account managers or project managers to add unnecessary layers. Our lead designers act as site managers who keep their teams in direct daily contact with you. 

Our unique organizational structure allows us to provide customers responsiveness that would make a butler blush. But that’s really just the cherry on top of the dramatic time and cost savings we can achieve together.

Our Value Proposition

Cog is a consumer packaging development and prototyping company specializing in creating superior consumer engagement with brands.  We provide customized services and solutions during the critical packaging development phases to:

  • Facilitate Front End Innovation

  • Optimize Design-to-Print development

  • Accelerate speed-to-market

  • Reduce and avoid costs

Affiliations & Certifications