For Packaging R&D Organizations

Our consultative and collaborative business structure removes any threat to your critical intellectual property. We focus on helping R&D engineers, scientists, and subject matter experts drive innovation, iterative development phases, and more cost-effective design exploration. Then, when an upstream packaging initiative is ready for launch, we’ll share our learnings with the go-to-market team and their execution suppliers for maximum efficiency.


For Design Teams

By leveraging our knowledge of packaging trends, materials and finishes, production, and printing techniques, we help corporate and agency design teams identify and enhance their most impactful and feasible ideas earlier, so they see improved cost effectiveness and quality through execution.


For Packaging Materials, Substrate, & Finishes Providers

Because we engage early in the development process with designers and printer/converters to provide realistic representations of packaging concepts, we are in a unique position to drive usage of materials and decoration effects. Remember that part about cogs transferring motion from one gear wheel to the next? This is a great example. Introducing the right materials and finishes to complement a designer’s concept and then seeing the end result win consumer purchase is what drives us.


For Packaging Printers & Converters

Great packaging execution ideas come from printers all the time, and we can see to it that they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Our early-stage access and collaborative approach often opens doors for partners who have been left out of the critical development stages. Demands for producing small batches of press samples on tight schedules make it difficult, so we leverage our digital equipment and design-savvy services to mimic the printer/converter’s standards and let ideas take form without occupying press time.

For Other Design-to-Print Supply Chain Providers

Cog acts as a complementary solutions provider to key stakeholders in the packaging supply chain to enable collaboration and integration of everyone’s expertise. We help position each supplier for a better chance at success by driving their most innovative ideas to market with greater speed and minimizing costly setbacks.