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Cog Discovery Tour — August 2019 — IL, WI & MN

August 12 to 20 — Pardon us, Willie, but we have to sing it: “On the road again!” This trip, Cog visited more business associates in the packaging design-to-print supply chain to cross-pollenate ideas and news that might be beneficial to all. If you’d like Cog to visit you, contact us at engagenow@cogdriven.com.

This trip:
The Label Printers (Aurora, IL), a TLMI Member Printer/Converter
Ciulla Associates (Chicago, IL)
Outlook Group (Neenah, WI), a TLMI Member Printer/Converter
CGS Technologies (Minneapolis, MN)
Inland Packaging (LaCrosse, WI), a TLMI Member Printer/Converter
Landor Associates (Chicago, IL)


Our journey to Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS).

August 8 — The Innovative Labeling Solutions Open House. Thanks to Eric Knop (far right), the Cogs were there. We hate to let a learning moment get by us, and we saw this one as a must. ILS, based in Hamilton, Ohio, is one of those bright stars in the packaging design-to-print universe we’ve gazed upon for many years. They live up to the innovation claim in their name, and showed all of us attendees how it’s done. In partnership with H-P and ABG, and packaging development guru Michael Ferrari, ILS put on an impressive demonstration of their label and shrink-sleeve capabilities. All of their equipment impressed us, but their new H-P Indigo GEM, which allows digital printing and embellishments such as foil, spot, tactile, cast & cure, and special effects, was out of this world… and, as you might have guessed, right up our alley.


TLMI Print Competition Judges meet and greet.

July 17 — When twenty TLMI judges and staff came to town to weigh-in on hundreds of submissions for the annual label and tag printing competition, Cog met them with meatballs. We invited them to the secret underground Cog facility to get to know the Cogs in a casual, milling, chatting, meatball-eating atmosphere. Along with Mark Lackey’s famous BBQ meatballs, our guests enjoyed our favorite hummus from Aladdin’s in OTR, an assortment of finger foods, and a surprise from our new friends and clients Jen Morales and Jason Stitt. Expensive corporate attorneys by day, they own a start-up known as Mixicles (https://www.facebook.com/mixicles/) that manufactures frozen botanical and flavored ice cubes for adding a nice something extra to your favorite tequila, vodka, gin, rum, or bourbon. Jen and Jason served as bartenders for our gathering, while Paul Teachout from Nilpeter kicked-off the evening with a welcome to the judges who’d traveled from out of town. What a great bunch of folks!

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 1.09.14 PM_orange.jpg

Cog Discovery Tour — May 2019 — NY & PA

May 7 to 13 — Cog visited another group of business associates within the packaging design-to-print supply chain to re-affirm relationships and to combine brain power on how things can be done smarter and faster. If you’d like Cog to visit you, contact us at engagenow@cogdriven.com.

This trip:
Danone North America (White Plains, NY)
FORCE pkg (Lancaster, PA)
Macaran Printed Products (Cohoes, NY), a TLMI Member Printer/Converter
William Fox Munroe (Shillington, PA)
Yerecic Label (New Kensington, PA), a TLMI Member Printer/Converter


The Cogs Have Moved.

February 4 — You’ll find us and the legendary orange Cog couch now at 807 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202—essentially right across the street from our old digs.

Why the move? We simply got too big for our britches. Our old place served us well but was so tight we were losing blood-flow to the company head.

Our new britches are nice and big and allow us to bring on cool new equipment, grow our staff, and give our orange couch of collaboration its own awesome conference room. The best, hands down, is we have our own bathroom. We’re working and living like royalty, folks.

Stop by. Have a seat. Tell us about your latest packaging successes and horror stories. Use our bathroom.


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